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Verify original ground elevations

Load the original ground survey into the Autograde SPS. Take random shots anywhere on the site. If the original ground survey is accurate, The Autograde SPS should be reporting cuts or fills close to zero. If differences exist, save the shots and report them to the contract administrator for recertification. The Autograde SPS will interact with an alignment to provide real-time station offsets of every the Autograde SPS shot. These can be easily compared with the engineers templates.

Verify Grade

Load the appropriate BDI file into the Autograde SPS. Choose your AGF file for storing shots and take random shots (F2) anywhere on the site. The Autograde SPS will report real-time Cut/fill elevations.

Locate feature-lines

After you have taken your grade shot press the Autoline button (F4). The Autograde SPS will direct you to the intersection of construction lines. The direction will be an in or out from the sight line, and a left or right from the sight line. The sight line is from the total station setup point to the prism shot location.

Locate feature-points

After you have taken your grade shot, press the Autopoint button (F5). The Autograde SPS will direct you to the nearest construction point. The direction will be an in/out from the sight line as well as left/right. The direct distance to the construction point will also be displayed.

Example: out 12.5 right 5.0 direct 13.47

Real-time as-built

After you have taken your Autograde SPS shot(F2), you can save the shot information by pressing the save key (F3). The Autograde SPS will save the shot point number, time and date of the shot, the shot station and offset, northing, easting, elevation, proposed elevation, cut/fill difference, shot code, and shot note if applicable. These results are interchangeable with AutoCAD. The Autograde SPS certifies grade real-time eliminating downtime waiting for certification.

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Reduce Quantities

The Stored Autograde SPS shots can be imported into any quantity calculation program that can read a DXF format. Since shots are recorded in real-time, there is less risk of missing critical quantity information. Because the Autograde SPS works in real-time more shots are recorded than traditional surveying methods increasing the quantity accuracy.

An accurate subgrade will reduce concrete and stone quantities.

Reduce layout costs

Not as many surveyor points (stakes) are needed because all drawing information can be loaded into the Autograde SPS, eliminating the need for re-staking. As-built surveys are recorded in real-time.

Reduce downtime

The Autograde SPS provides more accurate information to build with, increasing construction efficiency and reducing the onsite repairs. Minimizing the dependency of onsite surveying because you get your point where and when you want it in real-time, in turn eliminating downtime waiting for re-staking or as-builds.   This eliminates over building or under building along with the need for using string-lines and plumb-bobs. It also reduces equipment downtime by clocking less running hours on equipment.

Verify Drawings

When BDI files are created drawing errors are brought to light. Discrepancies between architectural and structural drawings are resolved up front before construction starts. Eliminating field down-time due to drawing errors.


Verify subcontractors work

With the Autograde SPS the developer has the ability to verify all work completed by subcontractors, assuring the accuracy and completeness of the scope of work. The process is not time consuming it is just a matter of taking random shots of their forms or grades.

Equipment Needed

                       Total Station                                                Prism                                                        Allegro * 

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* (Hand Held Data collector with the Autograde SPS software)


How Does It Work?

1. Construction drawings are made digital.
2. Drawings are loaded into a hand held data collector.
3. The total station is setup anywhere on the site.
4. Sight any two control points and the Autograde SPS will resection its location.
5. Place the prism pole anywhere. Push (F2) and the Autograde SPS gives a real-time cut/fill.
6. Push (F3) and the Autograde SPS saves the shot.
7. Push (F4) and the Autograde SPS directs you to feature lines.
8. Push (F5) and the Autograde SPS directs you to feature points.

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